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Worst Builder

I HAD TO SELECT ONE STAR I WOULD HAVE SELECTED NO STARS I would strongly discourage using this company. We’ve had several issues with this company. Alotta Construction was contracted to build our custom dream home in Spring of 2021 with a finish date of September 2021. We are not even close to being completed as of June 2022. Unfortunately we’ve had to pause work to get inspectors and legal advice. Here are just some of the issues: Alotta did not use a licensed plumber which created ALOTTA problems. Nearly the entire drainage aspect of the plumbing had to be removed and replaced, to include opening up walls due to insufficient or no venting in some areas. The drain lines never even had a drop of water run through the system before needing to be “remodeled”/replaced. Gas Line inside of home had 3 leaks. Can we say dangerous. Siding was improperly installed which voids the warranty. Windows were installed without proper flashing and now leak and have drafts. Also, Alotta installed Minnkota windows. We’ve had six broken windows and have experienced extreme difficulty with warranty. Minnkota reports Alotta (Minnkota Agents) have been given the replacement windows. Alotta informed us that Minnkota was giving them the runaround. Regardless, we still have had six broken windows with only 4 being replaced. In one incidence Alotta Construction even locked us out of our property. They Removed items previously paid for by us. Held nearly $40,000 of materials in hostage until the Bank President and our Attorney intervened. These are only some of the problems we are/were experiencing. I would not recommend these crooks unless you want “ALOTTA” Problems. ASK FOR REFERENCES(actually speak with them)

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