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Hair On Wheels Hueytown
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8 years
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31-Mar, 2021
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769 Allison-Bonnett Memorial Dr, Hueytown, AL 35061, United States

About Hair On Wheels Hueytown

Our mission is to help women capture a positive self-image by providing customers with quality hair, products, and services. We want you to embrace your individuality and not look like the girl down the street. We want you to have that one of a kind feeling when coming into this beauty supply store.

Hair on Wheels is focused on providing, you, our customers a lifestyle experience not just sell you products. We are unique in creating custom looks for women in any profession. We want you to have a one of a kind feeling of WOW when coming into our beauty supply store. By us giving you that WOW factor we want to be your one stop for everything that you need. We want you to become our loyal customers as we are your loyal supplier for all things beauty.

We are here to make a difference in the lives of others by empowering you to be confidently YOU…

Loyalty is everything...!