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31-Mar, 2021
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117 N 7th St #3739, Gadsden, AL 35901, United States

About HotRod Barber Shop

Paul Knowles has been putting hair on the floor since 2016, after spending his first years at Capone's Barber Shop in Houston, Texas.  Servicing the gentlemen of the Energy Corridor, home to many Oil and Gas companies Houston is known for, the location attracted a broad clientele. CEOs, oilfield workers, and downtown commuters all spent time in his chair, offering stories and perspectives from all walks of life.  

After a spring visit to Gadsden in 2017, Paul and his wife Jenny, saw the potential for a new place to call home.  The southern charm and the neighborly pace was a refreshing break from the 2+ million neighbors back in Houston. They completed their family relocation to Gadsden in July 2019, and now enjoy a milder temperature and the wonder of four actual seasons, and friendships with neighbors all by the time school started for their daughter in the fall.

The past two years have proven that Gadsden residents are loyal and generous with their welcoming spirit.  

Thank you for letting us serve you for these and many years to come.