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01-Apr, 2021
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1223 10th Ave Suite A, Phenix City, AL 36867, United States

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 My journey began with being born in Columbus, GA but raised in Phenix City, AL  that an early age, I watched my late aunt Marie Davis style wigs at a local salon she worked at inspired me to began my own voyage into hair care. I began by greasing my Grandmother's scalp and scratching my step-sister's.At the tender age of 16 my passion for cosmetology flourished. I started my adventure as a shampoo assistant at a local hair salon.  In 1994, my perseverance for haircare led me beauty school for two years where I obtained my license. Soon after receiving my license in 1996, I began acquiring experience and knowledge by working in salons such as Master Cut and Sears Beauty Salon where I learned to work with various types of hair. In 2010 I established my own salon,Petit’s Haircare Salon ,I've owned and managed for 10 years At Petit’s Haircare Salon, we pride ourselves to equip our guests with the knowledge on how to manage the care of their hair by using quality premium products. I also serve my community by educating young students who are interested in having a career in the cosmetology field. I actively attend seminars  to stay current with my craft which led me to being trained by some of the most influential people in the business such as Kondor Rodnock, Raymond Torregano and the Mr. Joe Dudley himself where I received numerous certificates and plaques. This also helped me to stay current in my craft to better aid my guests with a HAIRceptional experience. Now, I've been an active licensed cosmetologist with 20 years of experience.