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 The *NEW* Cosmetology Industry is Science, Math, and Chemistry based. As much as the sciences and mathematics are a sure thing, when you throw in the element of art, it's interpretive, in-depth, and emotional. It's a unique style. Like Art, each guest has their own canvas. And like Science, each guest has their own chemistry. It's our job as Cosmetology Professionals to use our knowledge, skills, creativeness, and training to take your canvas and turn it into your creative vision. We, at Rocket Towne Hair, take our training in Math and Science and achieve a custom look for your canvas that matches your lifestyle and personal image. We use your face shape and head shape to determine the angles that best suit your canvas. We use your natural pheomelanin to see the warmth or coolness of your skin tones to help determine the colors that bring out the best of your natural beauty.   In the fashion world that is always changing, we take it upon ourselves to keep up with education and talent to keep you at a level of high-end fashion in a world of changing trends.  This isn’t your mother's level of “hair school” or your grandmother's level of “beauty shop” this is a level of Cosmetology in a Salon that keeps up with the state of the art latest and greatest technology and trends of today's day and age.